Point-of-Sales System
Point-of-Sales System
With the convenient and easy-to-use user interface, POS system is an excellent Real-time Online transaction platform. It adopts the model of application service provider (ASP) so as to reduce acquisition cost and operating costs for the users. 
Features Highlight
Product Barcode Maintenance handles both unique serial barcode and SKUs.
Point-Of-Sales System
Inventory Control
Purchase Management
Analytical Reports
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Point-Of-Sales System is divided into two parts: Office and Shop floor. Every transaction in the shop floor can be transferred to the office by modem in real-time online mode. Analysis Reports of inventory movement can be generated in the head office. 
Moreover, it accepts barcodes and product codes for data entry purposes. Other peripherals such as POS display, cash drawer and barcode scanner can be supported. 
Data even can be transferred into other Accounting software, since the corresponding interface was added.
Microsoft SQL 2000 based as the back-end data server that regarded as the powerful and idealistic data storage for SMEs.
Membership control, VIP patronage and coupon redemption are all handled in the POS system, even perform the E-Marketing function through Internet
Point-of-Sales Menu Structure: Shop Floor
Incremental Product file maintenance
Allow different levels of payment: Cash, Deposit, Credit sales, Cheque, credit card payment and coupon redemption. 
Goods-Return and exchange 
Sales promotion such as discount and VIP patronage for selected items or selected outlets can be arranged
Records on sales transaction and inventory movement will be uploaded and updated to the central server in main office automatically and thus accessible to other affiliated outlets
Point-of-Sales Menu Structure: Main Office
Sales Order Processing
Each outlet will have its own sales records uploaded into the central database for real time inventory deduction and overall sales analysis
Sales report for individual salesman in different outlet
Item Sales Summary
Product group sales summary
Specific customer purchase summary
Gross profit report
Inventory Control 
Multi-warehouses and unlimited number of outlets
Good received detail Report by purchase order
Stock Take Report in both warehouse and each outlet
Purchase Order and Good Receive Report
Stock Transfer Summary
Stock Adjustment Summary
Item Movement Summary Report
Stock Value in different warehouse
Purchase Order 
Enable the purchaser to generate purchase order to different supplier and keep track on stock movement.
Purchase order report
Purchase Order Sales Report
Receive order report
Outstanding Purchase Order
Purchase Order Analysis
Stock Re-order level analysis report
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