BizCON Systems Limited has introduced the latest cutting-edge storage technology products for clients in Asia Pacific I.T. markets, together with comprehensive after-sales customer services, fast response maintenance services and technical expertise covering storage technology field.

With the experienced expertise of storage technology, BizCON Systems is capable of emulating its knowledge set across a wide spectrum of industries in attaining sustainable competitive advantages. With a year of endeavor, BizCON Recovery SANter has been deployed in more than 100 Hong Kong and China corporate companies.



IT World Without Disaster.

BizCON Features List

BizCON Recovery SANter is a powerful data protection and recovery solution that responds to the today's high demanded eBusiness strategies. BizCON captures the disk image of designated server/desktop/notebook. It utilizes third-party virtual platform to resume those IT services. Server down time would be minimized while disaster occurs. With the zero administration approach, Disaster Recovery will not be a concern for IT manager anymore.


  • Backup on iSCSI protocol is faster than IP protocol 6 times.
  • Block level backup increases the backup speed several times
  • Snapshot backup provide off-host and full backup by schedule.
  • Support heterogeneous platforms from Windows to Linux, Novell Netware, Sun Solaris and HP-UNIX
  • Online and Real time backup
  • Multiple versions of backup image
  • Both server and desktop can be protected 


Instant Recovery:

Instantly boot from BizCON Recovery SANter allows "server service resume first, then recovery" as a Business Continuity Plan and guarantees a minimal service down time and a easy way of recovery

Zero Data Loss Backup:

Production Server can be protected by BizCON Recovery SANter and enjoy nearly zero data lost. Real time mirroring can be applied to data disk on protected production servers such that the secondary copies of server images are always the most up-to-date ones.

Zero backup windows:

No longer suffer long backup time with BizCON Recovery SANter .A off-host Snapshot backup can be perform without decrease production server performance

Multiple Versions of Backup Images:

BizCON Recovery SANter 's multiple versions of backup images feature allows administrator to keep multiple versions of the backup image before patching or data mining operation.

Cost Effective Offsite Data Replication:

DR site replication with low bandwidth requirement: Through the snapshot backup technology, BizCON Recovery SANter only backups differential changes in system and this minimizes the required bandwidth.

Maximizes Service Availability:

Failed hard disk can be repaired without service downtime. The system continues its normal operation while the disk is being repaired/procured. Once the failed hardware has been repaired or replaced, a rapid-sync process facilitates fast transfer of the updated image to the new hardware.

Support Heterogeneous Platform:

BizCON Recovery SANter support instant recovery for heterogeneous OS. It saves mirrored images in a single central repository and allows these heterogeneous systems to be recovered immediately using the same process.

Non-disruptive Deployment:

BizCON Recovery SANter is a non-disruptive solution, which requires no major changes made to the existing backend infrastructure, and the implementation is relatively simple and straightforward.

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