System Integration Services
iCON offers a wide range of networking products and professional services in designing, configuring, establishing, maintaining and safeguarding and the customerí»s LAN and WAN networks. Our skills and expertise enables us to provide networking services such as network cabling, server installation and fine-tuning, workstation PC applications such as network management, enterprise-wide backup and restore, network virus protection, and system integration solution such as network connectivity, remote access system, e-mail system, Internet solution and etc.  


We are strong in storage systems and business continuity solutions, with many project references from organizations of different operational sectors. Having our very own BizCON solution, we have brought our expertise in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to greater heights. Riding the virtualization wave, iCON has become one of the few VMware Authorized Consultants in Hong Kong.


Based on customer requirements and his specific IT environment, iCON designs and proposes the most suitable solution for the customer. iCON has build up rich experience and proven record in providing enterprise-wide system solution to corporate customer in Hong Kong. Riding the virtualization wave, iCON has become the first VMware Premier Solution Provider and one of the few VMware Authoriaed Consultants in Hong Kong.


ICON has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in providing system integration services to Hong Kong customers. In the past, we have numerous successful references to help our customers refreshing their technology platform, adopting new technology, and driving highest ICT performance. Our deep industry knowledge, seasoned technical personnel, sophisticated project management methodology, and wide knowledge domain make us a reputable and reliable SI provider in Hong Kong and South China market.


We understand that no one customer's solution is the same and every customer need a solution which gears for her business requirement and growth. On the other hand, ICT technology evolves all the times. Today's technology will be easily out after tomorrow. In order to stay competitive, customer has great pressure to update their technical know-how and upgrade their platform. ICON will partner with our customers to set their ICT goals or vision and to take and lead the role of seemlessly integrating a sophisticated and advanced solution to achieve those business goals.


We sell TECHNOLOGIES and we integrate them into one piece according to customer's specific requirements. The main business value of ICT is to streamine and to automate the organization processes and procedures, and to help the organization to get a competively faster result. ICON will pick the best breed of technologies to help customers to achieve these goals.


Besides technologies, the key factor of a successful and professional system-integrator company is our technical personnel. Our technical teams have versatile skillsets and comprehensive experiences. They get recognized by various industry cerifications and examinations. From system design, project planning, proof of concept, all the way through to final implementation and existing infrastructure's integration, and support and maintenance services, our teams own our unique set of unparallelled expertise and professionalism to realize the values and processes that drive customer's business.

All Our SI project will adopt a set of Best Practice ensuring the best result, which run through the following procedures:

  1. Customer On-site Evaluation & Customer Requirement Gathering
  2. Analysis of site findings and Scrutiny of customer information
  3. Recommendation of Capability and Functionality of system solution (Scope of Work)
  4. Proposal of Appropriate Solutions at customer budget line
  5. Proof-of-Concept or Functional Demonstration
  6. Confirmation of customer project
  7. Project Scheduling and Planning, Milestone Review
  8. Deployment and Implementation
  9. User Acceptance Test
  10. Handover, Staff Orientation & Training
  11. Final Documentation
  12. Maintenance & After-sale Follow Up

                          Most important, our passion for research and innovation, and our vendor rapport further enhance the values of our SI solution to our customer, enabling ICON to provide distinctively and innovative solutions to maximize value of latest technologies for our customer.

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