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Today, the computer market is a buyer market. A buyer is offered a wide choice of computer hardware, software, networking and storage solutions. Today¡¯s corporations are faced with great challenges and pressures, as it is tough to decide on a cost-effective and dynamic IT strategy to maintain or improve the performance and stability of their enterprise-wide computing infrastructure.

To ensure the IT solution adopted by the company can fulfill her needs is even a difficult and painful task for the management. iCON understands clearly what our customer needs and knows exactly what our customer wants. We can even conduct feasibility study on the customer¡¯s existing infrastructure setup and suggest the most result-oriented solution according to its budget and requirements.

No matter what solution the customer needs, be it office automation, client-server computing, networking, system integration, Intranet or Internet, iCON is equipped with various options and solutions to achieve different customer¡¯s goals and budget.

ICON's Solution Consulting services is strong and skilled at providing ICT solutions pivotal to increase efficiency and productivity of business operation in line with high ROI and low TCO. We believe that every solution is unique in fulfilling customer's requirement and versatile in providing business value to customer's operation.


Our Core Competencies:

i. Data Storage Platform

A strong and reliable data storage platform is conducive and instrumental to a complete and successful establishment of Information Life-Cycle Management (ILM). ICON lines up various first-rated storage, data-management and data-protection vendors to custom-make specific solutions to fulfill the need of every enterprise on ILM. Our mission is to help our customer to build a data storage platform as dynamic as possible to cope with her business growth.

ii. Microsoft Windows Solutions

Today Microsoft Windows is the key component in every customer's system platform on which their business applications are running. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner for many years, ICON has helped  a lot of customers to design, deploy, integrate and manage their MS Windows infrastructure spanning from its desktop operating systems to complex server solutions. Our expertise and professional service teams ensure our customer's business to run a secure, optimised Microsoft desktop and server infrastructures and effective communication and collaboration platforms that achieve various business goals.

iii. Network InfraStructure

Network InfraStructure is the lifeblood of the whole IT infrastructure. ICON partners with various advanced vendors and networking manufacturers to provide a comprehensive service offering to ensure an uninterrupted and always-up of daily data flow throughout your connected systems. Starting from design and planning, implementation and testing, administration and gradual upgrade, and to constant review and audit, ICON will cater any specific needs of each customer.

iv. Security Solutions

ICON provides Enterprise-class security solutions helping customer to reach to the international standard of compliances and corporate governance. In today's Internet world, cyber crimes always happen on any exposures or vulnerabilities in customer's ICT infrastructure and bring about serious monetary loss and legal consequences. ICON will help customer to review on any security and access control policies or systems. We will also help to examine any security loopholes or gaps, and recommend specific security policy and best practice by addressing major security issues such as anti-virus, hacking attack or data theft. Above all, we will provide comprehensive support services to help customer to manage her security systems.

v. Virtualization

ICON is pioneer and leader in virtualization solutions. From consultation, design and capacity planning, project management, implementation and deployment, optimization and finetuning of performance to afterwards maintenance and support services, ICON carries the bench-mark endorsement from vendors to help our customers to achieve a highly-capable and cost-effective virtualization infra-structure to reduce cost, increase hardware utilization, optimize business and network infrastructure, and improve server availability. Our unrivalled experiences and expertises bring to our customer highest ROI and lowest TCO.


Today's computer market is a buyer market, most buyers were offered by a wide choice of hardware, networking and/or software solutions. ICON has focus on these, understands clearly what a customer needs and known exactly what our customer wants, offering a various options and solutions to achieve different customer's goals and budget. We offer a wide range of networking products and professional services, which in designing, configuring, establishing, maintaining and safeguarding the customer's network. Our professional engineer enables us to provide quality services such as server installation and fine-tuning, network maintenance and trouble-shooting, and so on.


To provide a one-stop-shopping service to our customer, we brings a full array of popular brandnames of computer server and desktop PC under your fingertips with attractive pricing together with our on-site service and support.



We also provide Integration Services by our professional service team such as...

  • Enterprises - Wide Backup Solution
  • Firewall solution
  • SSLVPN solution
  • Networking solution (Switch/Dynamic routing)
  • Microsoft AD/Exchange solution
  • Intrusion prevention solution
  • Content filtering solution
  • Anti-spam solution
  • Data Encryption
  • Traditional storage
  • Software-defined storage
  • Server virtualization
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Business continuity solution
  • Cloud management solution
  • Disaster recovery solution
  • IT auditing
  • Anti-Virus Solution

  • Network Management Solution

  • and any Outsourcing Service

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